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Mar 19, 2014

Jason Statham Workout Routine And Diet Plan To Get Ripped

Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham Workout Routine

Jason Statham worked out with guidance from his personal trainer Logan Hood. They trained every day except Sunday. From Monday to Friday they did exercises that involed trampolines, climbing ropes, heavy bags, barbells, kettlebells, crash pads, and a complex apparatus of pullup bars. Saturdays were reserved for hour long sustained trail runs. According to Jason Statham they changed around the exercises everyday. He said “I haven’t had one single day in 6 weeks that has been a repeat”. “Every single day has had a different combination of exercises. Obviously, you repeat exercises over the course of 6 weeks, but you’ll never do that workout you did on Thursday the 23rd of August again. It always changes, and that’s what keeps it so interesting.”

Statham also mentioned that the workout was based on tracking and recording everything as they went along the program. “All of this is important,” said Statham. “If you want to get faster, stronger, and healthier you have to record and track progress. Making progress is the primary goal of the training I’ve been doing.” The workout was also structured in three stages I learned. Visual Impact also use 3 stages that impact the muscle and fat loss differently. When a workout program is created in this manner it gives you a better way of controlling your results so you can sculpt the perfect physique you want.

Jason Statham Workout

Here are the main exercises Jason Statham did in a workout session.

1. Ten-minute warmup on a Concept2 Rowing Machine
1. Heavy lifting using compound movements like the front squat, deadlift, or power clean.
2. Short circuits of various exercises with light weights.
3. Various carrying exercises with kettlebells or sandbags.
4. A progression of about 15 kettlebell exercises.
5. Various throws with medicine balls.
6. Interval training

Jason Statham Diet Plan

Statham give credit to an intelligent diet plan for his rapid weight loss. A good diet is very important for losing weight. We have indicated in numerous other articles on this site, that when it comes to fat loss, diet is king and exercise is the assistant for getting rid of the fat. If you want to lose body fat including burning abdominal fat to get flat abs you must eat right otherwise you may just be wasting your time with exercise. Controlling calorie intake is the most important aspect of a diet plan to lose weight, but the amount of calories a people need to consume to lose weight vary depending upon a number of factors such as their metabolism type.

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