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Jan 26, 2014

Sexy Underwear Male Models - Sexy Underwear Colorful World

Fitness Models Underwear

Thongs for Men, Men's Sexy Underwear

Men’s sexy underwear, especially thongs, is available in mesh, lace, silk, cotton, microfiber, and just about every type of cloth imaginable. Thongs, in addition to being sexy to wear, also minimize the appearance of seams that traditional men’s underwear can create. Men’s thongs are designed to be provocative and comfortable. The basic styles of men’s thongs include micro-thongs, g-strings, thongs, t-back thongs, v-shape thongs, y-back thongs, v-string thongs, quick-release thongs, low-rise thongs, sheer thongs, and enhancing thongs. The basic male thong provides good coverage of the genitals, hiding them from view while leaving little to the imagination. The typical style features a triangular-shaped front and a y-shaped strip of cloth that travels from the front and along the crack of a man’s buttocks until reaching the waistband of the thong.

It's kind of sexy (IMO) when you see a flash of thong peeking out of a woman's jeans if she's bending over. Does the reverse hold true if a man is wearing a thong like these? (link has no nudity but probably not completely SFW) Would a man's thong flash bring the sexy? What is sexy about thong underpants (on men at least) is that if a person is wearing them, it means he has made a conscious choice to be a pervy bitch. It is like this guy I know who I recently discovered is given to wearing a jockstrap under his work clothes.

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Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear

Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear

Now a jock is better than a thong (it is thought to be a more masculine article of apparel), but the key that turns the lock, so to speak, is the soupçon of naughtiness. I like the way a good looking guy looks in a thong. It's quite sexy. I understand that most women do not agree. Shame. Probably lots of gay guys don't agree either. Other forms of underwear I find sexy on men: boxer briefs, bikini-style briefs, boxers. Plain briefs are not so sexy.

Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear

Men’s thongs are no longer just for exotic dancers. Today’s self-assured male can indulge in a bit of sexy underwear, choosing from a wide assortment of fabrics, styles, and colors. It’s important to realize that men’s thongs typically do not provide any athletic support whatsoever, but there are plenty of other styles of men’s underwear that do. Men’s thongs and g-strings are typically comfortable to wear and come in the following selection of sexy styles.

Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear Fitness Models Underwear

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