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Jan 26, 2014

Defining The Muscle Model by Fit Media Channel

James Alexander - Fitness Model WBFF Pro

What is a Muscle Model?

Somewhere between fitness model and bodybuilder, the Musc1e Model category was introduced by the WBFF just a couple of years ago, and quickly blasted through the gap between the lean, athletic fitness model look, and the drive-for-size of bodybuilding. The combination of aesthetics with a muscular look has created global superstars of many MuscIe Model Pros. Here, four WBFF Pros, including two world champions, talk us through the category, with a closer look at the Top Five Muscular Models from the WBFF Worlds in Vegas - including James Alexander Ellis, Jaco de Bruyn and AJ Ellison.

What is a Muscle Model?

This video present by Fit Media Channel, There's more information on what judges are looking for in this category at AJ Shukoori was interviewed in 2012 shortly after his title win. He is now competing in Men's Physique with the IFBB/CBBF. You can watch the whole of the WBFF London show by going to Check out the YouTube channels of AJ Shukoori, James Alexander Ellis and AJ Ellison. More on Jaco De Bruyn at

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