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Dec 17, 2013

Sexy Muscle Man to Inspire Your Workout Motovation - Alexander Prikhodko

Alexander Prikhodko

Alexander Prikhodko, How He Start Bodybuilding

It all started back in his childhood when Alexandr started doing martial arts and watched a movie with Jean Claude Van Damme, he was just amazed at how the guy looks good in terms of figures and with good fights. And he began to combine training in the gym and walk on Kyokushin karate. So it all started, then went to the progress in the construction of the body, and he switched to "iron". Competitive activity started with tournaments and competitions Powerlifting Bench Press lie where Alexander completed the Master of sports and was a multiple champion of the Smolensk region. Injury did not stop him, he had a huge motivation, he wanted to speak at events, and he decided to try himself in bodybuilding competitions, and later in the classic bodybuilding.

Alexander Prikhodko's Bodybuilding Motivation

His motivation comes from life that does not stand still, he progress and develop not only physically, but also in their work. Each success or disappointment - a new impetus to the motivation.

Shoulder Workout With Weights - Alexander Prikhodko

Shoulder Workout With Weights

Good old free weights - the classic method when typing masses! Alexander Prikhodko shows shoulders workout with free weights. It uses dumbbells and Smith machine. This workout focuses on a set of muscIe just because using free weight. This shoulder workout with free weights, the following exercises: bench in the car because of Smith's head sitting, swings in hand standing with dumbbells, pull your chin in the car Smith Mahi with dumbbells in hand in the slope. Alexander invites the viewer to play with him in the lottery! Whoever guesses the first or will be close to the correct answer will receive gifts from Spain with the Arnold Classic Europe 2012. Question: what Alexander the maximum result in the exercise squats per repetition? Become a full participant in the fitness community yougifted.

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