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Nov 15, 2013

Bodybuilder Flexing Videos - for Worshiper Who Love Muscular Body

Edilson Oliveira Hot Brazillian Male Bodybuilder

Random Hot Bodybuilder Flexing and Muscle Worship Videos

Although "Muscle worship" is not a solo event, it requires someone in the video worshiping the muscl.eman. But Just fantasize about you watching these guys flexing muscular bodies as in the video. So the video always shoot in close up, so you can see many detail of their muscIe. So I'm just add flexing-&-posing videos into this musclleworship video because it has something in common. I think the guys'd look more natural & sexier if they would leave some hair in their armpits. An excellent posing & flexing video!

Edilson Oliveira (BRA)

Bodybuilder Flexing MuscIes on a Public Beach

This man is about as close to perfect as any man can get. What a perfect stud. His best body part is his massive pecs. I would love to mu5cle worshp this guy all day! He's INCREDIBLE! WOW! Peace! =D I'm just stunning !!! Very beautiful strong man!

Charles Mario Posing, Pro Amatheur 2007

Chest Worship

What a total freaking hunk wow. look at that chest and nips. Woof HOT HOT HOT! I'd love to suck those nipples. Although I can't stand those nails, (wish get out of the way, because I want to feel that body only) OMG I love this type of private style vidoes! I would like to bury my face in this BIG Chest as I run my hands over and all over his body.

Mr Santos 2010 Edson Serafim

Top 10 Sexy Flexing Videos - October 2013

This compilation from October 2013 is of the most viewed videos on It features some of the most incredible muscular guys - each of whom is flexing their musclle for your enjoyment. It ranges from ripped and and solid pecs to super sexy worship video clips. Enjoy them all!

Paulo Lima (BRA) - Campe?o Mundial NABBA 2011

Do You Love MuscIe?

O MY GOD wish I was the guy who felt and oiled up this muscular guy…. what a perfect hunk!!!

Marilandio Ponchet (BRA), NABBA Universe 2010

Brothers Gut Punching Flexing MuscIes Worship

These two guys are arrogant, and that is one of the reasons I LOVE watching this video. This one was long, and showcased their strong and hard bodies, Awesome. Super hot, Love it! They have hot bodies, I mean in natural way! Love the way they are, a real turn on, and I would love to worship them all day long, gorgeous!

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