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Nov 5, 2013

Gorgeous Hunky Guys - Passion for Their Handsomeness

Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men

Gorgeous handsome guys with nice bodies are easy to attract people around them... Of course I'm the one who can't leave my eyes on them, want to hug them. They make us realize that this World is enjoyable to have such hot handsome men like them to make us have passionate. I would like to ask you something, When you go to your colleague if you work with a guy that you crushed, what you gonna do? If I'm in the shoes like that, I will tell him that he's my crush, "You make my heart beat like a drum, when I meet you ". Crushes are not a big part of your life. They are just those people who you think you love but don't. But these are some tips that might help him love you back Some people may be satisfied with simply gazing hopefully,longingly and happily at their crush and not going anywhere near them for fear of being humiliated, but other girls might want to really get out there and impress this special guy. 

However, that's not always easy. For help on attracting that crush of yours, read on and find out how.

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Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men

Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men

Make sure they know who you are. If your crush has no idea you exist, it's going to be harder to attract him. Find Common Ground. It's easier to start conversations when you both have found something to talk about. You might possibly consider taking up some of his interests, but don't become a whole different person just for a boy.Befriend him. Okay, now everyone who has ever played any of the Sims games or ever lived in reality knows you have to be friends before you get the whole "crush feeling" in return. Try to keep clean. It may seem silly but you might want to avoid smelling like last month's salami in front of him. You don't have to be flowery, clean-freakishly-fresh all the time, just try to shower daily, wear deodorant, possibly put on some nice perfume trying to impress him.

Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men

Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men Gorgeous Handsome Hunky Men

Be yourself. You don't have to change who you are for a boy, especially just a crush, no matter how amazing, cute, or funny he is. Giving a person that much control over you is not healthy (it's actually a little frightening, to be honest...), and it will probably end up hurting you. Be clear on your intentions. Nothing is more tragic than the oh-so-cliche' friend-likes-friend-who-doesn't-like-her-that-way teenage drama. Don't always talk about yourself. Your crush will be attracted to you, if you let him share details about his life. This shows that your really interested in him and what he has to say. Try not to always talk about yourself, he wants to know about you but, give him a chance for him to share about himself.

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