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Nov 25, 2013

Muscle Training and Flexing Video Blogs - Inspiration, Tips and Sexiness

Edilson Oliveira Hot Brazillian Male Bodybuilder

These guys have extremely impressive physics that took lots of time and dedication to acquire. These hot muscular men workout, flexing in their video blog. They also reccommend us about bodybuilding tips. If you're working out, you should be able to understand the technical language for these exercises, body parts etc. Unless you workout just 'cause you want a great physique. Put the time in to research, the information you find will benefit you through your exercises, diets and progress. If you actually just started working out, research. Don't just head into the gym and pretend you know what you're doing.

Edilson Oliveira (BRA)

Shoulder Training with Jim Cordova

Jim is a beast! About as big as you can get without juice! He'ss one of the most famous NATURAL bodybuilders in the world. This man is freaking big, ripped and strong, many bodybuilders want to be like him. This is good video, really well spoken, good video tips about rotator cuff exercises. Jim has some serious deltoids ! You can copy his shoulder workout routine, it's obviously working! Solid advice from a man who clearly knows what he's doing. Cheers Jim.

Charles Mario Posing, Pro Amatheur 2007

Aesthetic Natural Bodybuilding Motivation - Fitness Aesthetics

Aesthetic natural bodybuilding motivation video. Chris Lavado - Matt Ogus - Jeff Seid - Daniel Blackwell. You can find all them on YouTube, please subscribe to them! Five shirtless guys in front of a mirror flexing... Oh! it's so hot. Anyone else think Jeff Seid looks like a bulked Justin Bieber? You dudes look awesome btw!

Mr Santos 2010 Edson Serafim

Lavado's Back (Vlog #194)

Snding cables crunches, hanging leg lifts.. do them usually at the end of a leg workout, or an upper body workout. Just never the day before a squat or deadlift. When bulking you eat more calories to feed the muscIe not to gain fat. gaining fat is a side effect

Paulo Lima (BRA) - Campe?o Mundial NABBA 2011

Evander Flexing in White Tights, Huge Quads

Evander Marius, you can find him on his youtube channel. He wanted to keep posted on how he is, how he look and random things about him. You can visit his blog at for more of his full real hot and sexy videos. For camshows and custom videos you can contact him at evander.muscle - Skype or . I really love this guy because he pushed himself real hard. I admire both his physique & mental willpower.

Marilandio Ponchet (BRA), NABBA Universe 2010

My Morinig Routine - Diet and Supps!

The key to building m_scle fast is a structured diet, exercise and getting proper rest. Your body needs an increase in calories, proper musclle stimulus and recovery time for optimal growth. Here are some tips: 1. Start Weight Lifting - Learn proper techniques 2. Do Calisthenics or Compound Exercises 3. Eat Whole Foods 4. Get 8 hours of sleep 5. Eat More Frequently 6. Drink Lots of Water.

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