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Oct 28, 2013

Jusup Wilkosz - All Time Idol Bodybuilder, Built Like A Greek God

Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder

Jusup Wilkosz  

The Physique of a Greek Gods, as you've seen portrait or statue of them, Hercules, Zeus, Norse God. Their art was all about perfect symmetry, proportions, and overall aesthetic beauty. I've seen Poseidon comic art, he's so manly devilish handsome and is pretty ripped. Natural bodybuilding ideal that I think retro bodybuilders are look like these Greek Gods, they don't need to bulk up or being mass, but focus on perfect strong and symmetry. And if you've seen some poseidon statue. You gonna believe that's a sculpture of Jusup Wilkosz. Jusup Wilkosz is all time idols for many guys who workout. He can inspired them so much. Jusup has the body of a greek god, his beautiful aesthetics are so perfect and a goal for many bodybuilders want to look like him. I'm so in love with this legendary old school bearded German daddy! 

About his stats : D.o.B : 11/08/1948; P.o.B : Heilbronn, Germany; Height : 6' 1" (1.85 cm); Off Season Weight : 260 lbs (118 kg); Competition Weight : 253 lbs (114 kg); Arms : 22" (56 cm); Chest : 58" (147 cm); Waist : 32.5" (82 cm); Thighs : 30" (76 cm); Calves : 19.5" (49 cm).

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Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder

Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder

This Germany's best ever bodybuilder, he has some of the best triceps in bodybuilding.Wwhen I found his photos set, I can tell "What a beast!" I really stuck it out with that beard, because it's so HOT!!! Jusup Wilkosz is a German bodybuilder. He competed in weightlifting before turning to bodybuilding. In the mid-1970s, Wilkosz trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger. During his career, he also met Tom Platz, Franco Columbu, Chris Dickerson and many other famous athletes. Several injuries forced him to end his career before reaching its potential peak. In 1994 Jusup Wilkosz intended to prepare for the Mr. Olympia Masters, but was stopped by injuries again.

Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder

Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder Zeus Greek God Bodybuilder

In spring 2007 a semi-fictional novel about Wilkosz's life was published in Germany. Its title is "Was bleibt. Die Reise des Jusup W." (engl.: What remains. The Journey of Jusup W.) and leads the reader back to the 70s and 80s, a time that is often considered the golden age of bodybuilding. The reader looks through the eyes of legendary Jusup Wilkosz, whose life is characterized by great success in overcoming enormous obstacles.

This perspective offers also deep insights in the world of bodybuilding and a closer look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used to train with Mr. Wilkosz during his competitive career. Due to the big success, that the novel have had since its publication in Germany, it will be translated into English. The German based publishing company plans to introduce the novel to the American market in March 2008.

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