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Oct 13, 2013

Hunks Oh Trunks! - Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimwear

Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits

Whether you plan on hitting one of New York City’s beaches, splashing around in one of the local swimming pools or getting out of town on a weekend getaway, these hot guys in swimsuits will inspire you to choose nice one. Whether you are a man or a woman buying in behalf of your boyfriend, your son or brother, you have to face with this kind of choice. This garment must be a style choice, it has to be elegant and does help the man to maintain a certain appeal, but in the same time it has to allow him to enjoy a day on the beach or a swim in the sea. Choose first quality materials is essential in order to avoid problems with spongy fabrics or embarrassing elastic outfit. In addition is important to choose the right size and the most suitable model for each body. Swimming pants, swimming trunks and adherent boxer are recommended for who has not figure problems

A lean, tidy and right muscular figure which would be shown on the beach. Boys, men and also women love Swimming boxer. They are very comfortable and practical. Their construction makes them suitable for every occasion also for beach volley and beach soccer. The Bermuda shorts, maxi shorts knee-length, cover and camouflage also a not perfect figure.

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Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits

Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits

Suitable for tall men, as it has the extraordinary characteristic to halve the height. Only inconvenience: does not allow a total thigh tan, but it is enough to wrap the legs when you are lying to sunbathe. Stick to board shorts..and always go with the lace-up front; Never wear elastic (it pinches out any excess flab), and NEVER get caught dead in the "Speedo" type racers (best left to the Euro-trash types). If you're going to wear thongs, stick to the Fire Island Pines beaches and PLEASE don't wear them near me ;-). When choosing a bodysuit, wetsuit, surf shirt, or the like, be sure that it will be compatible with whatever binder you choose to wear, or that the suit itself can act as a binder. Some of the thicker neoprene vests and wetsuits can act to bind the chest fairly well, but may still need to be worn in combination with some binding solution.

Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits

Keep in mind also that when your regular binder is wet, it may not bind as well and/or may be uncomfortable. If you are swimming in a chlorinated pool, the chlorine may degrade the material of your binder over time. You may wish to try some sort of water-resistant binding device, such as a neoprene vest, a sleeveless wetsuit shirt, or some other kind of tight fitting compression shirt (see the binding page for more information on compression shirts). When considering bodysuits and wetsuits, check to see how low the neck and sleeves of the suit are cut.

If the cut on the neck and/or sleeves is too low, it may show evidence of your binder. If your binder does show under your suit, and someone calls attention to it, chances are they won't know what the binder is. You can tell people a variety of things to deflect attention from your binder, such as that it is an athletic brace for your back, or that it is a post-surgical support device.

Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits Hot Guys and Their Sexy Swimsuits

In general, most people who are swimming are doing their own thing in the water, and will probably not press you about your binder, if they even notice it in the first place. Finally, remember that swimming is a vigorous form of exercise, so be sure that your binder allows for ample movement and breathing room without discomfort or pain. You should be able to breathe freely in your binder, which is especially important during exercise. The common man may pays $9 per year for a subscription. Buy why Esquire can sell $75 bucks for a pair of trunks? If you understand, because Esquire's trying to be a fashion magazine to some degree, trying to write about what the "ideal" pieces look like.

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