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Sep 13, 2013

Interview with Gareth Thomas - Openly Gay Rugby Star

Ellen DeGeneres - Openly Gay Rugby Star Gareth Thomas

Interview with Gareth Thomas, Openly Gay Rugby Star, in Ellen DeGeneres. Gareth's life in rugby and coming out is currently set to begin production. When Gareth Thomas found the courage to come out he became the only openly gay male athlete on any major sports team in the world. This guy is a legend in rugby and when I thought of the Welsh team I thought of him. I had so much respect for him and always thought so highly of him and when he came out I found even more respect for him that I didn't know I would have. Coming out as an international superstar of a sport like rugby...What a legend. ...So why did you watch the video? Watch again with an open mind and maybe this genuine guy's courage will help you to come out too.

Ellen DeGeneres - Openly Gay Rugby Star Gareth Thomas

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