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Aug 24, 2013

Best Male Stripper HD 720p Youtube Videos

Hot Muscle Guys Washing Cars

In a boring Friday night, all my friend went to the nightlife club, nothing I can do. So watching youtube for Hot Male Stripper, might be like I have fun in nigth party. And of course it makes me Hot!!! with the big and hard of muscular bodies of Male Strippers. So, today I would like to share selected male strippers clips in good quality of youtube videos HD 720p. With the high resolution of these clips, it make you feel like you can touch the hard bodies of these guys. Like you're in dance floor, bachelor party., birthday party, it's awesome. ...They can dance, they can flex their big muscIes, swing their hot bulge, and for sure they know how to entertain audience and make them hotter than hell.

These clips have to choose because some noise from the speakers and drums in the party, cause a nuisance to have to listen. Personally, I don't like clips from owner of the promotion of the party. It always have most annoying big promo text. For Male Stripper, I like guys with big and beautiful muscular bodies. Dance by showing their beautiful proportions of those muscIes (Yes, if you have ever seen videos from JimmyZProduction).

Tighty Whitey Car Wash - Toronto 2012

D&J.Media - Girls go Crazy over Male Stripper at a M.I.A Party

Disk and Jockey Entertainment in conjunction with MAC Entertainment & FBIZZO Entertainment hosted one of the Biggest End of Year Party, #MIAParty featuring mighty stripper Tyson Brown. it was a great now and everyone that turned up truly knew how to party...Enjoy it. Performance and pouring candle wax on himself just right. - Car Wash

Strippers at Gay Disco Show Live

Here in NYC they had the Gaiety theatre in Times's where Madonna filmed some of her Erotica video. Hot guys would dance totally naked with boners on stage. It catered to a gay crowd, but oftentimes women would go there too.

Hot Guys Washing Cars


Wow this guy is Hot Looking! His moves are not too feminin like most of the male strippers out there. Does anyone know his name?? I'd like to see more of him and Definately Hire him at my party if possible hahah! the besttttt..muahhhhhhhhh.

Sexy Modern Men's Car Wash

Hunk O Mania Male Strip Clubs

Me and my biaatches at the Hunkomania male strip club for Maggie's bachelorette party in New York City. Oh MY, my greek god Constantine! Yummy...The best male revue show in New York and Atlantic City! Great Night... soooooooooooooo. SEXY. the guy closest to the camera, PERFECTION. Beauty.

Rusty Jeffers - Sexy Car Wash

Nexxx at Fusion Bar & Grill on Tasty Thursdayz

NEXXX of the Devine Men of Choice, The one they call Nexxx aka Nexxxtasy appears Thursday every week at Fusion Bar & Grill. Appearing with the Devine Men of Choice in Bronx in New York. Shows the ladies at Incredible's BLACK OUT why he's America's Favorite Male Entertainer.

Rusty Jeffers - Sexy Car Wash

2 Male Strippers Dance with Towels

2 Male Strippers, Chippendales end the club alicante 26 valence. Wonderful, I loved their appearance on The Amazing Race! They're one of the best teams ever :)

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Live Muscle Show


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