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Jun 11, 2013

Full Filled Your Muscle Fantasy Part II - Mega Muscle Worship

Mega Muscle to be Worshipped

God! I love these vids, there always be another guy who does the worship, and I want to be that guy. love the veiny biceps. look rock hard Perfect build. Love the underwear in combination with such a hot bodies. Thanks for these films, Youtube is fantastic for this kind of hot videos. So beautiful So rock hard. I can't help but think of all the training they do to look so fabulous. God they are fucking hot and sexy. Wish they pose in a sexy Speedo next time. Woof and hugs all these guys. I'd LOVE to see this muscular beast wrestle! He could easily and effortlessly end a guys life just by SQUEEEEEZEING them between those killer thighs! Damn! Look at the size of that big tool!

Con Demetriou Muscle flexing

Con Demetriou MuscIe flexing

Con Demetriou gets ready for a photo shoot for Jimmyzproduction, applying tan and pumping up. Competing is very motivating for Con. Sure he would like to win but it is no longer important for him. As long as he am getting better each time he's satisfied. He would however like to set foot on the Olympia stage even if he does come last!

Muscle Hunk Sexy Bath

Muscular Hunk Sexy Bath

Most sexy guy I have ever seen... It's the best muscIe video on YouTube! No denying he has one hot and muscular tight ass @ 0:48. He's very purely sexy so he and i will make on our romance pure of course :) Nothing like strong legs and glutes, Luv to jump his bones!

Muscle Worship

Musc1e Worship

I wish those were my hands. If you like what you see check out my 14 minutes fullVersion ! The light is perfect because you can see every fine vein and musc1e details - i love that ! The full version is in Full HD quality (mp4) and better than at youtube ! Email: Biceps 53,5 cm / 21 inch, Legs 80 cm, Forearms 41 cm, Chest 140 cm, @ 112,2 kg, 1,90 m.

Posing in a Singlet

Posing in a Singlet

A short video of big muscular hunk wearing wrestling gear! Who's up for a little mat action? Incredibly gorgeous massive mountain big bodies, I would enjoy worshiping your muw. Damn having a match with you on the matt would be like christmas in july a win win situation GRRRR.

Huge Bodybuilder Wrestling & Muscle Fantasy

Huge Bodybuilder Wrestling & Musc1e Fantasy

You need to do this with a very tight nylon posing briefs on & oiled up, you are such a sexy stud! This guy is so solid. Hot. Where is this show done?

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