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May 25, 2013

Ripped Physiques Inspiration by Helmut Strebl Training

Ripped Physiques Inspiration by Helmut Strebl Training

"Making a truly committed decision is the ultimate power." here are his favorite quotes. Don't know if you guys ever hear about him..but this guy is ripped to the bone! Crazy! About Helmut, Helmut Strebl is a fitness model who also featured on our “Top Ten Most Aesthetic Physiques Of 2012?. He is probably the leanest and the most dry we have ever come across, despite being 44 years old. We could not find his stats but he is probably sub 5% body fat in the picture above. You can read more about him at his website

Where does your motivation come from? ask Helmut. "What truly motivates me is my mission to serve as a graphic example of achieving ideals—ultimate fitness dreams and more. ‘My life is my message’, so I would have it."

Ripped Physiques Inspiration by Helmut Strebl Training

At 12 years old, he was a skinny weakling and an easy prey for bullies as he stood out in absolute contrast to a schoolmate who was a muscle machine. At first, he got into lifting weights only to protect himself. But soon, he was also determined to put himself on a physical par with this schoolmate, his odd twin. Here was wishful thinking. From it, there came his dream of becoming a fitness model. He liked weightlifting from the start. His first pair of weights was five kilos a piece. This was two bottles of washing detergent, filled with water though. He did not have proper dumbbells until a few years later. He was 16 years old when he joined my local gym. From early on, high aspirations and mental conditioning have been the keys to his life in fitness training and competition.

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