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May 25, 2013

Random Hot and Hard Workout - Muscular Hunks Videos

Hot and Sexy Workout Muscular Hunks Videos

They're a Rock Star, they can even win the NY Pro with their perfect physic! Hard workout, this. It all depends how you train and what you train for. Like football players hit the weight room and also add in plyometrics for speed and agility. Calisthenics gives amazing core strength. So to knock one training style and saying the other is better is retarded. Look at Olympic lifters. There are guys that are 120lbs and shredded that can lift 3x their own body weight. And then they can do a full blown calisthenics workout like it's a cake walk.

Hot and Sexy Workout Muscular Hunks Videos

Greg Plitt Tribute - INSPIRATION

Thanks for all the motivation you give all around the world Greg. This is my second tribute from Julezproductionz for this hunk guy. Greg is not just human, he himself is motivation and an icon. the amount of people he motivated and made them do something out of themselves is amazing. The song is from Inception. The author is Hans Zimmer and the song is ''Time''. The song was used by alot of motivation video including zyzz video.

Hot and Sexy Workout Muscular Hunks Videos

HD MuscIe from

The 2010 IFBB "Pro Bodybuilding Weekly" Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships brings together professional bodybuilders from all over the world for one unforgettable day of muscular competition. The flexing never ends an we bring you the best in men's bodybuilding on video and on-demand in professional quality and stunning detail.

Hot and Sexy Workout Muscular Hunks Videos

A Day Hard Workout at Santa Monica Muscle Beach

Heres just a day of what goes on at Santa Monica beach, Strength Project and Frank Medrano, and Misha. fun day.

Hot and Sexy Workout Muscular Hunks Videos

Antoine Vaillant and Cedric Doyon

Definition of METAL AND BODYBUILDING!!! This is what real music bodybuilders should listen to not rap. Both of you guys look great, and that is a really nice little home gym you have there! Dude work on your calves! You have great genetics, Cedric's really dialing it in. Looking incredibly sharp, very inspiring. I'm pulling for you at the NY Pro, Antoine! Cedric is on of the most aesthetic bodybuilders I've seen. INsane mass, but his proportions are the most impressive to me. Especially his waist

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