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Nov 30, 2012

Jusup Wilkosz - God Like Bodybuilder, Avatar of Zeus

Jusup Wilkosz God Like Bodybuilder Avatar of Zeus

Jusup Wilkosz

A former mr universe winner in the late seventies or early eighties. This german bodybuilder was a former national german weightlighting champion before he got into bodybuilding, through arnie s even though the tqape is mostly in german diologue the footage is good this brute of a bodybuilder goes through a workout that would make a bodybuilder today look ashame jusup is a gifted athelete no pain npo gain theory, Jusup can pump overhead dumbell and over the head barebell weights with stamina, the endurance this guy does is brutal. 

His warm up routine and the running are good getts the blood flowing and the heart pumping. He is just a ruggedly handsome gorgeous man with an incredibly great physique, looks like a Greek sculpture. He is one of the best manliest men on this planet, and definitely my favorite body builder ever...

Jusup Wilkosz God Like Bodybuilder Avatar of Zeus
Jusup Wilkosz, OMG! it's Zeus!!! He is the best bodybuilder ever. He looks like one of Michelangelo's creations come alive. Jusup Wilkosz was one magnificent bodybuilder back in his competitive days. I'd have to agree... he would play an awesome Zeus in a movie. Gotta love the beard and the classic Greek lines of his body. If I had to worship someone it would be him.

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