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Nov 7, 2012

Hot Male Bodybuilders with Sexy Dance and Robot Posing

Bodybuilding in very good posing dance style. There are pleny of robot bodybuilders out there such as Kin Kamalis, these dudes owns them in pop lock breaking and dancing. Maybe these dudes must be the terminators from the future. This is possibly one of the most impressive things I've ever seen. Also, confusing as hell, but impressive. Incredible package, and they can trained more a little bit. I can tell that these guys are so perfect even straight dudes will like them, tooooooooooooooo hot!!

Ulisses Williams, Jr.

Ulisses Williams, Jr.

The dude really has a great body and big .... too from what I cant tell, I love it when he start dancing mmmm. I also admire the amount of hard work put in, you can find this much muscle incredibly attractive, and nice job. This bodybuilding show, when he started thrusing that ....., I really excite.... all over the seat in from of me. His posing routine look a little bit like male stripper.

Melvin Anthony posing at 2001 IFBB

Melvin Anthony posing at 2001 IFBB IRON MAN PRO

Anthony has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines, such as Flex. In 1993 Melvin got his first major result, a 3rd place at the Fontana Miss Universe contest. His first NPC competition came in 1995, where he placed 1st in the heavyweight class of the NPC Palm Springs competition. His first IFBB competition came in 2000, where he placed 2nd in the Night of Champions.

Ed Cook Bodybuilder

Ed Cook Bodybuilder

My favorite mature bodybuilder, Ed Cook Body Builder over 50 competition. With his amazing dedication and a role model for those of over 50. This oldsuperman is bodybuilding icon. Ed is cool, and I want him to post some more.

Best robot bodybuilder!

Best robot bodybuilder!

This is the best robot bodybuilder I ever seen. His name is Habib Hanif and he is from Denmark. Here he competes in Nordic Championships and he placed fourth but won the crowd! That's one bit and ripped muscle robot, and best one I have seen so far. might not be the biggest builder out there but got the best moves.

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