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May 25, 2012

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 24

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 24

OMG!!! I'd love to milk and squeeze and lick those juicy sexy pecs dudes. I'm sure they have more lovers then they can count. They're Hot Sexy Hunks. I love a man that loves his huge pecs. Dude, awesome muscIe! I can't take my eyes off these hot videos. They're too modest, in my opinion! Such a sexy massive MUSCLEGOD!! They have very beautiful bodies, it's obvious from the state of their muscles. They 're a beautiful, handsome, HOT&SEXXXXXY big Hunk George!.... Keep up the good work, dudes, you're great! ;-)

Muscle Worship "The Oil Pit"

MuscIe Worship "The Oil Pit"

Two wrestlers oil each other muscular bodies. I'd love some of that so sexy want to see the whole dvd. They really seem to be enjoying themselves. I wish there'd been some pec and gut punching too. I dont care if this is gay or not its turning me on! I really love and enjoy this show.

Muscle Worship Justin Morinetti

MuscIe Worship Justin Morinetti

Muscular Daddy Justin Morinetti has his body massaged, worshipped & oiled. That is so hot I need someone like that to worship :) ... Awesome - - Wish I could find a man who would enjoy me worshipping his muscIes. Anyone want a free massage and feel? I'd love to do it so badddd. Only thing hotter that a MUSCLE GOD smoking a gar,is MUSCLE GOD in LEATHER,smoking a gar,WOOOFS!

Pecs Massage

Pecs Massage

MuscIegod comes to mind- damn you are HOT! I would really like to stick very long needles deep in these huge and beefy pecs. I wish you would do more teasing videos, because your body looks unbelievably amazing. I want to suck those things soo hard that they'll come off and have ... with u. The way you massage those pecs, it demonstrates just how thick your muscIes are. FANTASTIC!

Jimmy Z Muscle Worship Shows

Jimmy Z Muscle Worship Shows

A special compilation of Jimmy Z trailers. I love these guys, the best is Antonio, he is ripped like hell and he is very free spirited, he doesn't mind being completely naked on the stage and he will even let you finger is his .... damn that antonio dude has gotten me off more than i can remember. In the clip, eddie robinson are hot, I always considered him the best looking bodybuilder, with hot legs, waspy waist, and impressive chest and shoulders.

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Anonymous said...

regarding the "pec massage" video above, if narcissism isn't grounds 4 divorce, doing such stupid things in his wife's kitchen's gotta be...