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Nov 15, 2011

Male Stripper for Girl's Birthday

Male Stripper for Girl's Birthday

Girl's birthday party is a blast, the drop dead gorgeous and sweet handsome hunks male strippers. They could have so much fun, the male exotic dancers made the girl's birthday unforgettable. And speakin of the male strip club, it was really tasteful, the drinks were fine, the servers are shirtless and give you a little grind when they bring you your drinks if you like that sort of thing :) The show is extremely entertaining in a funny N Sync dancing sort of way. The seductive male strip shows multi-dancer ensembles will bring out the savage in you as your senses are flooded with a spectacular array of light, sound and sultry gyrations.

Lisa's Stripper

The guy pulled off his shirt to reveal his beautiful upper body. Every girls want to grabbed his jeans and his ripped physique, he want the gril down to his chest, licking his nipples, took the whipped cream on his nipples off !. The scene was so hot and I want to taste that whiped cream on every part of hif body too.

Michelle 18

Her birthdayparty with male stripper, this guy look like latin stud. He left him in his tight white boxer-briefs. Yumm..delicious. His body was so hot, want to kissed him sensually on the lips, and tasted amazing. He dance with high energy whirlwind of gorgeous hard bodies and seductive sensations.

Delia's Birthday Diary

A surprise some of her friends gave her on her birthday. I really love this video! It was hilarious and sweet you guys got her a male stripper. Lol. Nice music too! What an incredible show! he is amazing... the girl had the best time.

Mein 18 with Male Stripper Name Geburtstag

If you looking for a male Go go dancer/ stripper for your birthday party, Latin, Hunk and friendly, so you will love this guy. He knows how to move his body! Nice to look at! He can handle birthday parties, and tons of other events all over New England! Ladies, eat your heart out- he can gurantee this stud right down to his teeth and toenails.

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