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Jun 11, 2011

Top Male Competitive Bodybuilders and Famous Hunks Videos

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So these are the hottest men I have seen, I saw their vids about a freak! huge! and the most hardcore gym guys ive ever been to. What more is there to say.........male perfection, guys to explore every inch of and when I say every inch I mean every inch.....delicious!! Now thats the kind of bodies all men should strive for. These hot men projects a charisma on camera that undoubtedly along with their physical assets has made them can see a lot of muscle attitude looking deep into their eyes!

Joaquin Rosa (SPA), NABBA Universe 1999

Joaquin Rosa (SPA), NABBA Universe 1999

The kind of sexy muscular star that will have members working up a sweat as he flex, struts and showers after a session at the gym. His physiques glisten showing off their well defined perfection. His chiseled chest is hypnotic, his biceps s are like cannonballs, his abs unbelievably shredded, his athletic bubble glutes, AND he is hung like a bull.

Dusty Hanshaw Photoshoot

Dusty Hanshaw Photoshoot with Per Bernal USA's 2010 Finals

Love Dusty's thick muscIe, if he had a beard and a hairy chest he'd be 10/10! Very eye-catching face there The 2 earrings sure are conspicuous Love the super-heavyweights Very attractive manly voice, too !

Kyle Witherspoon One Day Out

Super Heavyweight Kyle Witherspoon One Day Out

221lb winner of the 2010 NPC Excalibur heavyweight class and overall champion, and one of Universal's new young stars of bodybuilding. He 5'9'' heavyweight has had a busy competitive year placing 3rd at the NPC Atlantic States at the beginning of June, followed by 2nd at the Garden State a week later and then 8th the next week at the Junior Nationals.At the NPC New England Championships in October he was 5th and then came the Excalibur...

Eduardo Correa - Pose Routine

Eduardo Correa - Pose Routine New York Pro 2009

This guy is fantastic. It's interesting to listen to him talk about bodybuilding even though his english isn't great. He's a very down to earth guy. He's got a well-balanced physique. I think that most bodybuilders tend to neglect their lower bodies, but not Eddy Correa. His lower body looks just as good as his upper body...great size, striations, and definition of the quads, hamstrings, and calfs.

Steve Sterling in the Pit

Steve Sterling in the Pit

Sexy hunk! in oil, Absolutely the best dominator of all time! Why has no one taken up his tradition of massive muscular man taken over his roll of destroying opponents, especially little guys? Whenever I need to release, Steve is the one! Damn!

Bill Richardson (ENG), NABBA Universe 1986

Bill Richardson (ENG), NABBA Universe 1986

Bill Richardson (ENG), NABBA Universe 1986, Professionals - Place 6, the chiseled rock-hard muscularity of bodybuilders in the e70's & 80's is what bodybuilding is and should be today. Check this guy out - huge muscIes, symmetrical & in proper proportion w/out the protruding gut.

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