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Feb 1, 2011

Retro Bodybuilders - Posing Their Beautiful Muscles Videos

Reinhard Jager - MuscleGallery

Retro Bodybuilder, Good physique, Nice lines. These hot guys respect keeping fit. They do by themself, daily. But "an artist"? Is there some conceptual dimension that you are exploring by posing? Does your "art" communicate anything new about the place of the muscular male in our culture? No. You're merely participating in the myriad tired conventions associated with bodybuilding. The pleasure that you bring other people, visually and inspirationally, simply by being and looking fit, ought to be sufficient. These Retro Bodybuilders are that is what I (personally) call a beautiful body ... muscular and defined and not monstruous like some of today's pro's

That physique is awesome. If I walked in there and saw those would freak me out. If one trains these and the other muscIes to great extent, one starts to loose flexibility in the shoulder. Often people who do hard body building or work outs can not touch their hands behind their back. This is clearly the case here.

Retro Bodybuilders

Retro Bodybuilders

The first guy's name is Alonzo Roddy, I think.  They look alike, but I don't see how they can be brothers. Forget the arms ... check out the rippling abs and purple posing pouches! These dudes are ripped, tight, and hot. .... The matching posing trunks is a nice touch!

BC Bodybuilding 8

BC Bodybuilding 8

A man always looks better with hair on his face. and this guy's got a great body to begin with,so its a "win/win" situation!! and this guy is really Super handsome guy!

Franco Cavaleri - BC Bodybuilding

Franco Cavaleri - BC Bodybuilding Championships 1990

Franco "Frank" Cavaleri wins the BC Bodybuilding Championship 1990. Then moves on to with the Western Canadians later that year. he was so handsome and in beautiful shape and a great poser.

Retro Teen Bodybuilders

Retro Teen Bodybuilders

Amazing. He`s pumping 135 lbs and he`s acting like this is supposed to be heavy weights. This is a warm up set... My God!

Aholelei, Mcleod, & Betancourt Posing

Bodybuilders Aholelei, Mcleod, & Betancourt Posing

I wish there was a bodybuilding-centric HD cable network. Somewhat gay-oriented, it would feature muscle worship and bodybuilding competitions.

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