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Dec 2, 2010

Hot Handsome Fitness Male Models Videos

Hot Hunk Male Model - Otavio Rauter

Love to share the very wonderful videos, I'm in a glazed-over daydream state right now. They're the perfect combination of hot, masculine and beautiful. These guys have got the goods. They also know how to connect with the camera. I love that. There so really sexy its hard for a gay guy like me to find a man with a great body like them boys. I'd just eat them up. YUMMMY!

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Trevor Adams Fitness Model

Bernardo Velasco, the most handsome young Brazilian male model. Original version based on his photos for Terra, the boy website. Music is "Swollen" by British group Bent. ome of the photos are labeled "Bernardo Velasco." More have "Elian Gallardo model.".... "The most handsome young Brazilian male model" is no exaggeration. Hot, masculine, beautiful, so handsome. The dreamy music goes perfectly with the aesthetic sensuality of his body.

Fit Male Model - Matus Valent

Rule number one for fit model when do the show of underwear, they cant flex their body, even make the chest dancing, it make look gross n no one will buy the I like how there telling them to look at the judges and every model is looking in different directions lol, to you're left... (big cheesy grins look-in everywhere but left).

Jackhammer vs. Muscles

Hot Buff guys work on jack hammers. When your driving down the road, This guy doesn't look like he's on steroids. He looks like he works for a living. I guarantee that girls find this guys body attractive. please don't act like you don't want what this man has worked for. if you are pretentious enough to act content in your own inadequate human shell then it is quite likely that you have less than two testicles.

Hot and Black

Black men are the strongest most muscular and best .....kers with the biggest tools by far and us gay white boys love you.

Abs Watch

This coming from a guy who goes out of his way to look at men and then decides he doesn't like it AFTER the deed has been done.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Good Morning, Otavio Rauter

Otavio Rauter is a Brazilian male model, with the smile of David Beckham, and the confident attitude of Sam Worthington. He was featured on the website Terra, the Boy. Awesome bod n nice ways bout em hugs on a neat vid.

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