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Nov 4, 2010

It's Shower Time - The Hunk's Lovely Shower Video Scene - Part II

Hot Muscle Hunks Take Shower

How to Relax in the Shower

We all know that a bath with candles, music, and sweet smelling bath oils can relieve stress and promote relaxation. Unfortunately, not everyone has time for a leisurely soak in the bath tub. If you only have time for a quick shower and are feeling a bit stressed, you can still relieve stress with fast shower. .... Read More >>

Hot Guy in the Shower

That is so hot!! anyone want a slippy soapy shower? im so hard now, that was sexy as hell. i want a slippery soapy shower. I have seen this porn before. Well, it's not really porn.. but there are lots of naked guys.....

Man Enjoying Shower Massage - Waterpik

A man enjoys a shower with the Shower Massage® by Waterpik® in this 1987 commercial, which features the Ray Charles song "What'd I Say." It's the massaging shower head that started it all. The Original Shower Massage® features the Waterpik® exclusive massage technology that delivers an incredibly satisfying, high-performance shower at virtually any water pressure. .... Can I buy the man too? :)

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Power Man Shower - Muscle Lord

They just proud of the result. I am sure once you look good too you can't stop staring yourself in the mirror. It's the product of your labor. Have a good one my friend. OMG this guy is flexin when he shave himself :) always muscular guys flexing and no breathing everywere they go? think they relax only in sleep. .... Let me 'shave' you..I won't miss a spot...I promise! LOL i just have to wonder why you placed the razor against your neck. I didn't see any physical hair there.

Ripped Muscular Guy in Blue Speedos Takes a Shower

He's truly a hot muscular boy who looks oh so hot everywhere!....YUMMY. Loved the dude, taking a shower in his speedo! Very hot and sexy.

Tom Selleck Showers

What a strikingly handsome thick trimmed mustached hairy chested god. The film crew were all getting boners and he started to get nervous, so he cut it short--the shower, that is; not the fur, thank God....I moustache magnum question why is he soooo sexy?

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