Live Muscle Show


Oct 5, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 19 - Hotter Than Hot

Live Muscle Show and Muscular Men Videos

Live muscle show and Hot hunk men videos - gallery 19. Hoter than Hot!!! What a physique and these guys know how to show what they've got. Perfect upper body in proportions , size and symmetry. Hope to do private shows on with them, or maybe just want to be their photografer, very very nice and hot ! If there is one thing that make the sexy butch muscular man even better, maybe its a pierced nipple and he plays with it.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

MuscIed Soldier Showing Off

Very hot, I really love him! love to have sex with this guy .. rub my .... on those abs and cum on them. He's really stunning. I would love to test his real strength or wrestle him. This guy is smokin' hot!. I'm very much into him, just cam around after passing out as you can take my breath away every day and night.

At home Fooling Around and Flexing

Basically the perfect body, which is just amazing at 48. Handsome and judging by the arty farty furniture/surroundings pretty loaded too, pretty much dream man. your a hot babe...and you know it! And your grooving on it - knowing everyone drools over that body....and your 48 and still a stud! Congrats - because you worked for it - you earned and you should enjoy it! ...... what a total absolute stud!

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

NCB Model Management - Behind The Scene

Featuring Logan Swiecki-Taylor, Bryan McCulley and Christopher Miles .... NorCalBodz (NCB) represents top physique and fitness models nationwide. Operating out of Sacramento, California, NCB provides models and photos to Natural Body Building & Fitness, World Physique, Exercise for Men Only. This studio make me have a profound love of the beauty of the human body and I strive to create images that capture a model's unique qualities. Model Universe

Model Universe promo from, just want to catch me one of this guys-oil him and lick him all night long. The surfer with blond hair is hot, really like so much look at them with swimwear.

Dance Craig Dance ...

Craig Reynolds, Hot House Exclusive. Craig Reynolds is pretty hot ... He is a hot daddy!

Summer Shoot Featuring Ryan Barry

Check out Bradford Rogne's Brazilian inspired summer swimwear shoot with super sexy model Ryan Barry! Photos and styling by . Oh, holy high school, I know Ryan Barry. He was always so quiet and unassuming. Impeccable handwriting, however. Good for him for making good! Love how these pictures are taken and it helps that the models are supper hot! Wow I don't think u coul have pick better models. Ryan Berry hottttt.

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