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Oct 19, 2010

Hot Muscle College Jock Flexing on Cam

Young Hot Muscle Guys Flexing On Cam

Hey my friends, enjoy these hot young guys that look awesome and catch we on bigmuscle. College jocks in this videos gallery, I'd love to give their muscIes a bath with my man tounge and make him feel real good. They started it all, thanks for being an inspiration to us 'flex guys' who luv to flex for da people .... As usual, hope you all enjoy :)

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Sneak Preview of the New Size

SO SEXY !!! Jeff Darga, Sweet bird tattoo, you're hot! Nice Bod, is this natural or steroids? Either way you got a nice bod. Really enjoy it when you make your pecs bounce. you should do an hour long of just pec bouncing and flexing. Amazing chest matched with an awesome face.Keep up the excellent work man! ....You are really beautiful and cute. You should do a strip tease video or just strip completely. i would really love to worship you. Soo HOT.

Teen MuscIe

This guy can flex all day. if he stepped in the ring w/ me, ill make him my bitch. i dont have any respect for guys on roids. Okay... a few pointers, when posing... you're already in an awkward enough position, try not to look like you're taking a hard slippery up the asshole, and another is, have your arm band tattoo removed.

MuscIe Worship, Johnny

Sexy stud. You got it all baby. I want to feel every inch of your powerful body press against me. You make me so hard. dude,you are good!!! lets hear you moan and groan in a tight pair of blue posing trunks. An abs pose and most muscular should bring business in!

Flexing at Home...

Your triceps are just amazing. I would work on your shoulders a bit, but even saying that, they look pretty damn good. .... everything is so fine... music, lighting, you showin' off a bit. especially you with absolutely awesome! All of your lean ripped muscIes flexing, I could watch you all day!

My Biceps

Fantastic genetics! Great biceps PEAKS! ... not much to say but WOW,how big.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Super Teen Worship

Awesome!!! very very the sheen from his sweat on his physique. You're very ripped,but learn how to post man,some people may consider your posting ridiculous,really.No offense.

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