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Oct 31, 2010

Hot Male Bodybuilders Posing and Flexing Videos Part II

Hot Male Bodybuilders Posing and Flexing Videos Part II

It's reassuring to know that a man like them, with a just about ideal physiques, gets turned on by these hot guys's own good looks. Very healthy. These guys, handsome, gorgeous, solid, sexy, manly, beautiful, super muscular and perfect from head to toe. They have AMAZING MUSCLE...really beautiful, like an ancient Greek statue.

Eduardo Thurs

Watching him over the years, he has seriously turned into a powerhouse. Incredible physiques. He's as thick as they get. Impressed with his full size pecs, they match his huge arms and shoulders proportionally. Love his legs that look like they could break concrete. He not only looks gr8, but he is adorable and I love the accent. Great size, symmetry, and proportion. He only needs to put some more size on the calves.

Jerry Showing Of his Shape

Jerry showing of his Shape one day prior to competition, that´s how it should be, after a long & hard diet. Nice and dry and hard- love the face all drawn in.

Lance Johnson - Backstage Posing

Backstage posing footage of Lance Johnson from the 2004 Junior Nationals. What a fantastic video...Lance really does set the bar for a perfectly sculpted physique. He is 48 years old,awesome grandpa, Super body... Would love to photograph it & even play with it. He is truely sexy muscular daddy and looking AWESOME for his age. I'm a BIG fan. Wonder if he does private posing sessions.....?

2008 USA Pump Room

I like a lot the big chests in this video. Nathan looks great, he is charismatic indeed. Mike Liberatore is a poser no doubt inspired by unforgettable Bob Paris.

Mark Dugdale Posing Practice

He is stunning! he is god like, Stud of my dreams. He looks totally awesome: his hard work and dedication inspires me. Dugdale looked fantastic that year...usually his back and biceps are his weak points.Havent really seen that much of him in pro shows lately.I think theres just too many monsters on the scene right now.

Daniel Training 1 Week Out Until his First Competition

Daniel you are chiseled and rock hard and powerful, looking fabulous! I can't wait to see how you do in your contest. Amazing physique and what a HUGE bulge he has in those tight undies. Normally dont like massive bodybuilder types but he is so handsome and defined.

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