Live Muscle Show


Oct 3, 2010

Hot Black Hunks Part IV - Sexy Muscle God Videos

Black Muscle Hunk

Bodybuilders typically have to strike required poses to highlight muscle development. Dancing while posing is one of the favorite methods to use. They are bodybuilders? not a male exotic dancer. It is not the bodybuilder's intent to show an erection. I would love to worship these guys ... I love licking black muscular men's bodies or licking any part of their bodies !The contentment with his work and himself was refreshing. These guys was into himself and showed himself well. The oil enhanced? but didn't over-emphasize his muscularity.

Black Bodybuilder

This guy has a great physique, the light heavyweight black bodybuilder. Now thats a sexy ass man..... with the really nice background music Nice and Usher in remix version. The body, the poise, the skill, the grace, the music, the crowd support, the video quality... He's got it all.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Huge Muscular Black Bodybuilder Strips and Poses

Sexy Black Hung Bodybuilder poses and shows off for the camera. hmmm...this black hunk massaged me many times & i dont why ended up being fucked by him. He love my tight & bubble ass. I am all his.

Black MuscIe Stud

Flexes and poses, while struting his stuff, Hot, hot, hot! I'll massage any black man with a decent body, anytime. It really arouses me. You are awesome, love the big nipples and muscular chest! He is so hot. The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice. He's hot but should have found some one to show him how to pose.

Big Black Beefcake Bull Live on Webcam

Big black beefcake bull live on webcam pumping iron. He is always ready to show his ripped body and power off on webcam. .... WOW hot nipple rings.....

Shark Ent and Hypnotic Productions Present

I know it's Jill Scott. But I think it's Lyzel in E flat (song title). Oh and I second the hoo my. that's jacked up! But, that's true to an extent. It's old news actually. Most of'em do dance for grils AND guys. I don't care if they just needs to get paid, if u let another dude put his hands on you sexually, than u got some homo in you, dollar or no dollar............the term DL definietly applies to many of them!


How to tease with one's muscIe -- no contest posing. When this video was posted on an Internet discussion board several years back, someone in the thread stated that his age was approximately 19, He's still hot! This dude look great this is my goal I think. This guy is ripped massively.

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