Live Muscle Show


Oct 15, 2010

Live Muscle Show and Hot Muscular Men Videos - Gallery 20 - Ripped Guys Posing on Cam

Hot Muscle Hunk Posing On Web Cam, Live Show

Hot guys live muscle show and posing on webcam part 20, these guys have really packed a lot of quality muscIes on their frame. They are so sexy, I totally want them and are them wearing red under wear, lol. They should have them off with their shorts lol c them pulled down their pants int their video, lol. .... Flex (the thrid guy in this gallery) is AWESOME and sooooo damn good looking and sexy to match! hope he gets all the recognition over in the USA he deserves. He still has that Natural looking body, symetry is amzing! .... about other guys, they look incredible... they just need to bring up their lats a little more to match the rest of their physique... love all of these guys.

Martin De La Cruz

Martin Cross - South American Champion Bodybuilder - Madrid, excellent Martin carefully with the wolves that abound here, when you do a routine so my amoshito .... still putting up the name of Peru ... His back is incredible, you have an incredibly beautiful body and are totally ripped..... Isnt it erotic when he posed his sexy body while i lied naked on his bed? He just know how to please me by ..... me.

The Cuts

Just like the other videos of this guy, nillaboom ... but this is just to show all that iam getting more cut.. want to give me a donation for supplements and food ? Great upper body. Love the traps and abs, You are REALLY cut !!! Small waist and broad shoulders. What a combo. Nice work! how long do you think it'll be before I can progess that far?

Flex Lewis 1 Week Out British Nationals 2007

23 Year old Flex Lewis 1 week out from British Nationals going for his pro card. Filmed in Ifbb Pro Neil Hill's Dungeon Gym Tenby- Wales. Awesome physique! amazing all the armchair coaches and gurus. How many of you compete? if you dont then your not really in the position to tell him what ne needs to bring up. If you think your that much of an expert then go do a few competitions after all he is a pro bodybuilder. are you?

Amateur Natural Bodybuilder offseason Posing

Amateur natural bodybuilder Tommy Tucker posing in the offseason. Really great form mate, this would be my idealbody, i will get there someday! A thick core isn't going to be the tell-tell sign for steroids. Bodybuilders who add mass to there frame want some level of fullness. IT comes from LIFTING HEAVY. The core is stressed like other muscIe and forced to grow. He' s got some good size but no where near the signs of abusing growth hormone. keep up the good work.

Muscular Guy Posing

Totally hot fucker! I'm with all the rest of you studs! I do him instantly! Delicious and Would worship him any time!

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