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Sep 9, 2010

Hot Male Bodybuilders Posing and Flexing Videos - The Most Powerful Guys

Concerning this sport there are two kinds of people. People who admit that they would like to look like a bodybuilder and people that don't admit it. But deep in their minds they would love to look like one. Nobody in the pro circuit is "all natural". Maybe I'm doing a mistake by telling you this because maybe you'll start talking and dissing like all the other guys.

The point is that it doesn't matter if he's natural or not, roids and hgh won't get to the Olympia stage or even in a contest, your determination, skill, genetics and guts will get you there. Because don't think you just steroids and puff, you're there, you can take them all you want if you don't know what you're doing exactly.

Peter Molnár (HUN), NABBA Vitalmax Open 2009

Mr. Molnar has developed one of the most gracefully powerful physiques I've seen. From his ample pecs to his chiseled intercostals, every muscle group astounds me! Almost Unbelievable! his shape and mass are HOT, HOT, HOT! When we see pics of Christian Ronaldo being 'muscular' taking off his shirt then some one should show him this lad and burst that pretty boy away- leave the muscIe to the bodybuilders!

Mr.Santos 2007 - Junior

I love muscular men have one fascinated me to be his slave day and night .... obey him in everything ... and clear enjoyment of their body ... spectacular curvilinear....Do not know if seeing bodies or packages .... the two are very boms.

Jaroslav Horvath Posing White Trunks

I'm really like Jaro, he one of my favs, great physique, hard packed muscIe on that small frame. google him and you'll find lots of pix.

Powersurge - Ronny Rockel & Jaroslav Horvath Dvd Preview

Two of the finest men on the planet! Damn...

Gunter Schlierkamp

This is Gunther Schlierkamp at the 2005 Mr Olympia where he took 4th place. What a mountain! Just awe inspiring.  Love to see this guy pose down & wrestle Jeramy Freeman..what a pay per view! Incredible man! Thx for this clip!

Jerry Ossi

Just want to introduce Jerry Ossi to all of you. Jerry is one of the best amateurs in Scandinavia. He just won finnish championships + overall title and last weekend he won Nordic championships. Jerry is competing under 90kg class.

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