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Oct 2, 2010

It's Shower Time - The Hunk's Lovely Shower Video Scene - Part I

Shahrukh Khan - Hot Muscle Guy

Do you ever have a water fetish or something? It seems like it just by enjoy these hot video's scenes. Just want to take a shower with them! what a hunk! And by that I mean does water and humans in water sexually stimulate you?These scenes, reminds me of the gym off-base when my dad was stationed in S. Korea. My first exposure to the naked male body and I was the only white boy!

Mark Dalton Takes a Shower

Mark Dalton takes a shower and play with his muscles. He is really hot. I'd massage those abs and pecs anytime, anywhere. Mark Dalton is the type of men dreams are made of...An All-American guy...An outstanding stud...An awesome male... I wonder if his pecs would bounce like that each time he would come when we're making out.

Outdoor Shower

Sensual outdoor shower after a good swim, he looks hot! I wouldnt mind joining him in that shower! I swear, if the word "hot" were eliminated from the English language, most gay men wouldn't be able to form a complete sentence.

The Perfect Butt of Jonathan LaPaglia

I've seen that butt live and in the flesh...up close and personal back in '97 it's very hot and sexy ass on that man. this serial aired in grece too..he always took shirt off..hes hot..he starred in a movie "attack of the gryphon" lots of shirt off..are there any more movies hes in?

Young Muscular Jock In Shower (HD)

Kobe Cash is a gorgeous bodybuilding model. With his highly muscular physique et knows how to charm with his sexy body. Before shooting his latest scene for JeremyRoddick, he wanted to take a shower to better show his hot self.

Shower Ads

One of my favorite ads from the UK. The joke is the guys are having nice clean fun, they are not being mean, stupid or rude to each other. They are adding more shampoo to the guy with out him realizing what is happening and the guy showering is still wondering how is that he cannot get all that soap out of his hair.

Asian Model Having a Shower

This here muscular model is most definetly so so very hott and so so very sexy with that naked body in the shower like that all over too also he has beautifull and sexy feet too as well.

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