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Sep 5, 2010

Hot Amature Bodybuilder 's Homemade Videos

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Totally awesome dudes make lots more videos that you will enjoy! .... I've seen a lot of homemade youtube videos of people with seemingly no traps what so ever and poor posing technique ... just hope them learn more how to pose and truly show their physique because they do have great bodies. Great looking bid hard body guys, keep pumping..keep flexin.

Adam 5

This dude, I would love to have him flex for me in person. He took that shirt off and I wanted him to .... me! Look at that ass! I'm drooling! He is so damn good at it, with an amazing body, the perfect combination of size and definition. Keep it up! Wonder how long have he been in training? the awesome body.

Tattoo Bicep

He's the real muscle man... and DON'T shave your arm pits. you're a man not a boy. Excellent development and great ink. Huge hard vascular biceps. Keep pumping...keep flexin bro.

Bodybuilder Home Flex

Bro.. now that's a beautiful man with an incredibly beautiful body... Bro, you're jacked man. And that vascularity rocks. Sick physique bro, good job! You look like a well-built Jarhead. Keep up the great physique, with awesome build. You would look even more massive in posing briefs.

Flex on a Train

God he's sexy, perfect!!! hope this adonis is earning big in bollywood. Super Beef Dude!!! Keep sweatin and growin bigger and stronger. With magnificent physique! wow they're riding on a train !

Bodybuilding - Day 1

The guy, Malex2187 made video on Day 1 of dieting will have a new video every 5 days untill the end of Sept. It's pretty much common sense to see that he has been lifting for a while, but it is competition time so he changes what he eats. Just keep it up man !

Aaron 2

That cocky smile at the beginning! that was enough to make me blush.... gregorian chant, nice tuch.

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