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Oct 1, 2010

Fire Fighter Calendar Hunks Part 9 - Judging Contest and Making of Calendar Videos

Hot Sexy Firemen

Firemen - Livin' For Love

Hot Sexy Firemen, God Bless Them. They're not models like some of you thought. These are all brothers of the FireFighter, They do a calendar every year for charity. Many firefighters came out to raise money for a great cause. If you were near the Exdo Event Center on Friday night, you could probably hear screaming women from a mile away. The firefighter celebrity judging contest was heating up the catwalk for a good cause and women from all over Denver came out for the occasion. Fired Up for calendar, they all certainly had a few things in common—tan bodies, mazing six packs and big hearts (what’d you think we were going to say?).

Hottest Firemen Contest

everything became a surreal blur of rippling six-packs, screaming fans ("Rescue me!" one woman kept shrieking, "Rescue meeeee!"), dirty dancing, double entendres about the length and girth of hoses, and even a few diet tips. ("Jell-O," suggested a guy who'd been starving himself for two months in order to compete.

South Florida Firefighters Calender Guys

I met the sexy firemen at Murphy's Law at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood FL. They were super sweet & super hot. How come all firefighters don't look like that? The ones in my area are far and few between, when it come to being hot. I know it's a hard job, and I respect anyone who does it. But, in reality a hot firefighter is like finding a cop that's actually in good enough shape to run after a convict.

Houston Fire Fighters 2011 Calendar

Corinna was here... lookin forward to hosting the 2011 calendar sale at Two Riverway! Looks good, can't wait, and Well done!

Stripper Fireman in Leopardskin Thong

It's Tayler Kane from aussie drama series, Fire (1995). I've been aching to see this ever since I forgot to set the VCR all those years ago. There's another scene where he slides down the pole completely naked. ... Fit fireman becomes male stripper, dances in just a leopardskin thong. It's a good-looking fireman, who seems to enjoy taking off his uniform and stripping down to his teeny, tiny thong. So why not? As the song says, 'you ain't seen nothin' yet'!

Firefighter Calendar Auditions

This was an awesome event to go too...Such pretty people, and it was for a good cause too. So this firefighter was the #2 favorite for the crowd. Enjoy!

2010 Toronto Firefighter Calendar Preview

ET Canada Previewing the 2010 Toronto Firefighter Calendar in support of Princess Margaret Hospital. All proceeds benefiting the Cancer Research Fund. Rather quite nice seeing how it's done & out doors to, using natural elements into the bargain.Thanks for posting.

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