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Aug 12, 2010

Sexy Male Bodybuilders Videos - Posing on Stage, Flexing, and Oiled Up

Bodybuilding is one of the best things to watch for me, it's so spectacular.... Enjoy these handsome male bodybuilders flexe their muscles on the stage. Anyone who spends this much time and energy building their physiques deserves lots of muscIe worship and respect. These guys have been dedicated to bodybuilding their entire life, ever since they could really lift a decent sized weight in their teens. We had to take down many of our hottest video galleries over the weekend because we were having a few little technical glitches with them.

Mark Alvisi in HD

A great bodybuilder from repetrope, This guy is hot and awesome with Great bod, full credit to him. Great v-taper, needs better conditioning, his tris and back weren't very conditioned, but he sure doesnt have gyno, gyno can be seen when you look where the nipple is and the skin is just drooping like there is a bit of fat under it.

Grigori Atoyan HD Posing 2

Winner of the Super Heavyweight class at the 2009 NPC USAs interviewed backstage by bodybuilding legends Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler. He`s got the gluteus maximus all right Love his man-sized shapely lumbering buttocks particularly when he walks....Grigori Atoyan's body is a fucking masterpiece !

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Roelly & Quincy Winklaar Guest Posing

Amerigo Jackson, Heavyweight Champion, he is 25 years old, and a country boy from Argentina. He stands 5’11″ tall and weights 223 pounds of packed, ripped physique. Dynamite Studios discovered Amerigo Jackson only 3 years ago. While he was initially very shy, we were able to convince him to become a part of the world’s largest muscIe studio. Since then Amerigo has learned English, perfected his body even more, and he became a MuscIeHunks Exclusive.

Prime Cuts: Volume Two

Build body by training hard and intense, eat lots of carbs and protein. Then loose fat by eating less carbs and do more cardio. If you did this bulking and cutting the right way you will have nice cuts between the muscle. Prime Cuts brings you a look at the many faces, physiques and personalities that make up this unique sport.

Joseph Bustamante Pump Room

This guy is too natural/healthy comparing with other competitors. He looks like he enjoys it. All the muscIes in the right places, and he has the clearest abs. I would love to have that job! I just wouldn't require the gloves!

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