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Jul 9, 2010

Top Male Bodybuilders and Hot Hunks - Muscle Worship Videos

The world would be a much happier place in our opinion, don’t you agree? No wars, everyone happy, no famine, plenty of musc1e ass to eat…. utopia! As soon as we came across the following videos featuring musc1e worship models, and bodybuilders. For now, just settle for watching them flex, show off, and feel them flex


Oh! so perfect body, and totally awesome, IFBB Light Heavyweight World Champion Eduardo Correa, He won the 2007 IFBB World Championships (Light Heavyweight) in Korea, and he also won his class at the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship 2008.

Frank Defeo Web Cam

Frank DeFeo aka "Frank The Tank". He's 25 years old and have been into bodybuilding, power lifting and personal training for 11 years. He was introduced to “the gym” when he was 14 years old, which now he call “his home”. Attitude is everything and it doesn't hurt that you have the body to go with it.

Sexy Mexican Boy - Long Version

Why are latino's/mexicans so freaken sexy? Latinos have the best bums ever, look at his abs! I won't be needing this anymore! Delicious, unforgettable and strong touched babe! dream all night long by my side... forever, I need a babe like him sweety!

Muscle God, Lee Tyler

Tyler Lee makes his debut video appearance in this 2-part hot musc1e worship session. Watch as he strips down, flex and oil up for the ultimate live musc1e encounter that will surely makes this satisfied customer and you coming back for more!

Lars Agerbo Malmborg

Wow, wish I could test those abs with some good gut punches! The nicest and more impressive abs relief ever! Should like to ear the tough chops with flat hands and fist on this eight pack... those are great MAN abs, not lean abs that boys have, but big, thick MAN abs. Great video!...yummy - in every way, the body and the scenery - wish I were there right now.

Body Worship

Adam Reich, huge and so handsome, would love to suck on them hot nips sticking out from his hot hot pecs more and more..... I would love to have this guy towering over me flexing his awesome musc1es at me. Very very impressive!

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