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Jul 20, 2010

Sexy Muscle Hunks - Work Out Videos

David Kimmerle

So if you are a gym jock, you will love these video clips. Fantasise one of these real muscle hunks be your personal trainer. He train very hard to form his body and as you can see he does a good job. You met him in the gym where you both used to be at least 3 hours a day. You told him that u would like to take some pictures of him because you was really impressed by his handsome face. And for your surprise he just said yes. What a lucky day to get such a stud posing for you ....

Pula Bodybuilding

Man, you are very handsome and the hottest guy, great video of a marvelous physique. Thanks for all the full-length shots. Legs (especially calves) are as important as upper body. Also, nice black posing trunks, which really show off your symmetry.

Shoulder Dislocation with Band

This is one of my favorite stretching exercises this movement is one of the things I did to Rehab my Shoulder Injury. Thier is nothing that will stretch and get rid of Shoulder Pains like this ( If you stay strict and do it right)

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Body Worship - Bodyweight Fitness

Bro.. you are so fuckin fine .... Those abs are remarkable, and your chest is hot as .... too. Keep doing what you do, wish I was at that park. It's good close up on your pecs at the beginning, awesome v shape & wide back...beautiful yep for sure!

Making of Max "The Body" 2011 Motivational Calendar

Achieve the Hollywood Body with Celebrity Fitness Coach Max The Body Philisaire One-on-One or online. This video clip previews the making of Max "The Body" 2011 Motivational Calendar and showcases what a well balanced diet, exercise program can do for you.

Kettle Bell Lumber Jacks

20 Bl Kettle Bell with Hot Body, and Nice Pecs guy.

Colt Man Carlo Masi Working Out

COLT Man Carlo Masi at the gym Working out chest and poising down for us....this Bear Man can train me any day of the week...For someone who's only 33, he looks so good. If you get a chance, check out the Colt DVD trailer for "WATERBUCKS 2"! And make sure you have a towel or something on your lap to catch the drool! I'd be on my knees with my mouth open for him and worship.

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