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Jul 11, 2010

Hot Muscle Wrestler Videos

Hot Muscle Wrestler Videos

These awesome hot bodies guys with their musc1e friends strip down and change into their thong bikini g-strings and ready for wrestling. In the 2nd clip they get wet in the tropical ocean water and have hot wrestling. They have huge musc1e butts and big arms, chest, and ripped abs... all are probably on steroids. But who cares. It's sexy how they all wrestle each other wearing those thong bikini g-strings!

Muscle Wrestler Full Strip - Rick Rude Undresses

Muscular wrestler Rick Rude does extraordinary full strip on live TV, his modesty protected only by a towel. When pro-wrestling realised their 'sport' was actually about celebrating men's bodies, they decided to have some fun with it. Here's the late-lamented hulk Ric Rude celebrating his 'Best Body' Award by revealing (almost) everything for the fans....

Hot Men Wrestling

Bobby finds himself pitted against a much smaller Chris. But Chris has a few tricks up his sleeve to bring the big man to the mat. Will Chris succumb to Bobby's Brain Buster?

Fun-Wrestling in Cuba

Cubans like Brazilians are HOT! What a hunk these guys are. Kinda of fun at first, then that kinda makes them hotter.

Wrestling Turks

Two sweaty,chiseled Turks exchange crotch attacks at annual national wrestling bash. Its really tough sport not like other wrestling style its very hard to grabble when body is soaked in oil thats why its easier to hold from pants. goes back to 1000 years old tradition warriors wrestled in fields instead killing the opponent by using weapons.

Hot Wrestling Guys, Bear Hug Wrestling

So hot, love the head scissor, and the overwhelming domination in the beginning i would have screamed "you won, you're too much for me, I can't handle you! you're too strong.... Awesome legs on the guy in burgundy/grey could really dish out some punishment.

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