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Jul 29, 2010

Hot Handsome Muscle Hunks - Posing , Flexing, Singing and Competing

Sexy Muscle Hunks Videos

What is the Attraction of Sexy Male Abs? I think it's only natural to be attracted to a nice physique. A toned body is interpreted as a sign of health and vitality. It is something that has been admired for centuries in our art, our songs and our culture. These hot guys sure like to show off the goods when know one else is watching. Check out how their muscles glisten from all the sweat he unleashed during his daily workout. These guys have one of the hottest body’s we’ve cum across all summer long… don’t you agree?

MuscIe Marco Singing

International Entertainer Marco as Jonny Bombastic singing his release "Lucky Lips". This guy is very hot, build well and dances very sexy! I am very impressed! Singing shirtless would be a DEFINITE BONUS! I have never seen such a handsome bodybuilder move and sing like that I had to play it again he should be on the stage as everyone can enjoy his singing also the shape of his body and the way he moves it I will no doubt be watching this video quite often.

Sexy Alexander Bulgarian Boy 2010

He hot  good looking guy too fantastic! Keep the vids coming.

Six Packs Abs Hot Hunks - Videos from Youtube

Heavyweights Bodybuilders

This was for a photo shoot u would so make it u r hot sexy and have a great body i give it two thumbs up.

Ripped Bodybuilder Alan Valdez Poses

This guy is ripped - a good size too - his abs blow me away - and tectonik since you're so concerned about his genitals - look closely at his shorts from 3:19 on. This guy should do a hulk out id love to see his big arms rip threw a tight shirt. ...seems like he doesn't use roids either... I can say perfection.

2007 Canadian Bodybuilding

Hi everybody! Just stumbled on to this site, I love it! I'm a competitive bodybuilder/personal trainer, with 20 years in the industry. I have done 11 shows since 1998. The high point would be my win at the provincials, and 2nd at the '03+'06 Canadian Nationals.

Fame Male MuscIe Models

Male fitness model competition at the FAME Male Models 2008 Championship. They all look tottaly natural to me good advice, they looked in good shape. good work guys. as for tanning if you actually knew anything about what they are doing you would understand why it is applied, and the steroid comments are comming from jelous people or people who are just not doing the training and nutrition right to actually achieve these goals.

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