Live Muscle Show

Oct 9, 2009

Hot Muscular Men on Youtube Videos

Hot Italian Muscle

The very best muscle young on Youtube. I love Italian muscle man, This guy is beauuuuutttiiiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! Head to toe! , great body; the shoulders, arms and pecs are sheer perfection. And a killer smile, to boot! Absolutely perfection in human development. it does get better each time. This guy have come long way.

Live Stage Muscle Show

This video clip is highly erotic and sensual blonde open to entertaining you. Rod Roddick. He just fell over in Union Station, a very beautiful body. The guy from 00:43 to around 1:12 is pure man meat - ready & sweating. That' some sexy muscle.

Pec Bouncing Muscle Worship

Hot gymnast muscle man live camshows, really hot hairy muscular man.

Muscle Worship Love ABS & Chest !

I'm willing do do whatever it takes to get that besides his body, with that physique, those looks and an Italian accent, make me defenseless!, Terrific abs!, loved it! he's so hard, very hot guy.

Contest Muscle (Orange County Contest 2007)

Bodybuilders at the OC Contest get ready to go on stage to present their physiques to the judges. Some guys here are very hot and the #64 is one of my favorite, some guys have very beautiful bodies.

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