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Aug 26, 2009

Rusty Jeffers - The Hottest and Most Handsome Bodybuilder - Video Galelry 2

Rusty Jeffers - He's got a physique that's 100x pretty much anybody who posts on YouTube. I've seen him in person a few times and he's a nice guy and approachable. Glad to see him doing well and looking great. Awesome bodybuilder, whether he's gay or not doesn't really enter into it. I think ALL bodybuilders,? have some degree of same sex attraction goin'. Doesn't matter.

Rusty Jeffers - 2005 Charlotte Pro, Posing Routine

This is the beautiful posing routine that Rusty performed at Charlotte Pro 05. Francy, Rusty's wife, took it at the night show.

Rusty Jeffers - 2006 Masters Pro World, Posing Routine

Magnificent posing routine that Rusty performed at the finals of the Masters Pro World 2006. Classic physique, very stong for his? age. Great posing!? he's a legend for sure...

Rusty Jeffers - 2007 Sacramento Pro, Prejudging

Rusty Jeffers posed the madatories in the show. This is an extract from the preview clip of the "2007 IFBB Sacramento Grand Prix" DVD from GMV Productions

Rusty Jeffers - Calf Workout

This video is actually from in 2008. In this video, Rusty teaches you 3 workouts to train your calves: 1. Standing Calf Raises 2. Seated Calf Raises 3. Single Leg Standing Calf Raises .... Look! Rusty has beautiful calves!

Rusty Jeffers at age 27 Yo.

Hot then and hotter now! and very nice muscle today. 5'8" of very handsome, very hunky muscle.  What a magnificent speciman of a man. Obviously, my crush is still going strong.

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