Live Muscle Show

Jul 4, 2009

Bodybuilders with Awesome Body Posing and Flexing

Bodybuilder Alq Gurley

Awesome body, his muscle look like almost made of steel. How many times a week they train for get that muscles? and what they use for train? A great tight body and a great bulge package.

Alan Ichinose 1989 NPC Nationals

Alan Ichinose at the 1989 NPC National in Miami, FL. What an awesome lightweight! He's Japanese, Perfect body not too big well defined, The complete package, and look size, mass balance at only 150+ lbs. This guy has beautiful back, beautiful guy packed with strong muscles. So handsome !so strong !I love him !

NPC Bodybuilder Pettiford

One of my favorite muscle men, not only does he have a great body, but just look at that manly handsome face with sexy mustache.

Ronny Rockels Posing

Hungarian Grand Prix 2003, German bodybuilder. Ronny first became impressed with the world of bodybuilding when he first saw Arnold in Conan the Barbarian, at only 143 lbs he decided he would one day have a body built like Conan. After many struggles he finally became a pro in 2002.

NPC Bodybuilder with Fantastic Show

I love his show so much, he is so strong, I like the athletic twist to his performance. He has a fantastic body and great attitude. He's also one of those rare bodybuilders that actually look strong and healthy and not just big.Excellent work. Great back. Wonder what year that was from.

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