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Feb 9, 2009

Hot Muscular Man and Bodybuilders on Youtube

Nathan DeTracy at the 2008 USAs

Nathan's one of the best, great overall physique and awesome back. This Dude looks INCREDIBLE. Look at his face, he is very sexy and very handsome guy with a body to die for.

Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy trains, poses

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Denis Sergovskiy trains and poses in Las Vegas following the 2008 NPC USA Championships. The footage and much more will be part of a "Guns Vegas 2008" DVD from MostMuscular.Com

Bodybuilder Robert Augustin

Man, this guy's abs are so perfectly formed, the guys got awesome v-taper. Now that's an awesome physique. Great midsection , natural looking overall , good balance , nice skin.. v shape is not perverse and too bloated. Arms have some good size both under and over.. chest is branched and upper and lower both seem focused. He was a great bodybuilder, and he looked amazing in this video. But I couldn't find his biography anywhere.

Teenage bodybuilder Jazmany Castellanos

Jazmany Castellanos backstage at the 2005 Southern States Bodybuilding Championships where he won the teenage overall. - A future Superstar! This guy's got great shape and proportion. I hope he stays in the sport for a while, as he'll go far! 50 push ups and not even out of breath-that's muscle!

Brenton Robinson poses

Cute guy. nice physique, totally sexy male bodybuilder !

Bodybuilder Malachi Smith posing at a
Tulsa gym

Bodybuilder Malachi Smith hits some poses the day after an NPC bodybuilding competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Malachi will be featured in a future bodybuilding DVD from

Jimmy Canyon
trains abs

Bodybuilder Jimmy Canyon trains and poses his legendary abs in an excerpt from the DVD - Guns 2002 - available at MostMuscular.Com. I have been friends with Jimmy for a long time and he is NATURAL. He lives and breaths bodybuilding. The food line he is talking about is awesome, may I recommend Buffalata, and the Lasagna. Awesome... And the Muscles on the sides are obliques.

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