Live Muscle Show


Feb 11, 2009

Egyptian Bodybuilders – The Sexuality of Arabian Man - Part 2

Ahmed Rifayi

This dude is the most ripped Egyptian I’ve ever seen, awesomeness ^^.Magnificent body, great form and truly committed. (How many guys can they fit in that gym?) Wonderful to see this guy work, but who is the funny guy in the back hehehe, I love Egyptians they make me smile.

Safi el Sayed

Nice chest and arms, natural looks and very impressive package. This guy is so hot especially his handsome face and sexy beard.( and I like the hairy muscle daddy who training him, too

Mohamed Atef

Very impressive, perfect. not too muscular, not too thin, just beautiful perfect body, What is it with Arab guys? They look so handsome, and this guys' torso is perfect.

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