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Jan 3, 2009

Stud Muscular Men Video

Amazing Abs (8 pack)!!!

The 8 pack is hardly to see, of course they are awesome abs.I don't think this guy uses steroids at all. He didn't look that big. But he has really low fat on his body, thats really hard to get, very charming abs.

Sexy Hairy Dad

Very horny bloke would love to stay
in bed with him. I love his arms the way they are even when hes not flexing hot! What a handsome hairy man. I love the bulge in his pants and the close up of his pecs. Damn hot and hairy muscle daddie...would love and worship him, very hot musculine hairy body daddy.

Muscular Bear Daddy

Omg this guy is so damn hot, looks exactly like my best friend's STRAIGHT stepdad. i had the biggest crush on him

Handsome and incredibly sexy hairy muscular man

This guy is incredibly sexy. I wish you'd included the part where he takes off his shirt in one motion. The guy doesn't look crazy. Just a little nervous, but he's polite and very masculine and charming. I like this video, he look so handsome kind a vintage and 70s, wish i could see all the video and see him naked. I wish I could see it to the end

Total Muscle - Rusty Jeffers

Rusty Jeffers , POWERFLEXING, He is so handsome. That face is so chiseled, as is the rest of his body.