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Jan 23, 2009

Real Hot Male Strip Shows

Male Strip Clubs with

Strippers New York Atlantic City, this video was shot inside a strip show in NYC. Look how wild the bachelorette party girls get with the male exotic dancers. It's fun to watch. If guys behaved this way with female strippers they would be tossed out of the club.

Florida Dreamboys

OMG what a sexy guy! Wow...that is a nice body! WOOOOO! These muscle hunks male strippers are from Germany but they called themselves the Florida Dreamboys.That dream boy looks really good and i love the way he move's He's so damn hot and he's got a nice ass!! How big his package is, with a body and a butt like that all I can think about is sticking my fat 8 incher between those beautiful cheeks. YEAH! That girls lucky. She better have paid him good. I'd love to have an intense time of fun with that man

Construction Worker Male Stipper

Very hot male stripper with his construction worker costume. The way he move, his muscular body, and his bulge make me feel so horny.

Boxer Stripper

This Sexy guy dance and strip in boxer costume, very hot, very sexy.

Wedding Party Male Stippers

In this wedding party, the bride’s surprised with two hot male stripper.

The Big Muscle Guy Strip

Girl Night Strip Show

Hottie, I wanna dance with him and have rub me.girls love it when the g-string comes off!!!! which it often does- you go girls! the first girl sitting in the middle is this video clip’s friend ...this was her birth day present from him to her...he hoped she liked it.

Chippendales Show Body Exciting

You need to do more than just touch these guys...and bring back the spandex pants too!!!

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