Live Muscle Show


Jan 14, 2009

Giovanni Volta from Smokinghunks

Super Hunk Giovanni Volta, really smokinghot

God what a hunk,
exclent video, very hot I’m addicted to leather, cigar, muscled and mustached. A real man I’m looking for Giovanni, the man with tatoos, beards, buzzed hair, earrings stuck in every skin tag available. Oh yes Gio please cum all over my tits!. Imagine this guy, magnificently muscled, pumped, cocky, relaxed, confident, proud, enjoying a final smoke before stepping in front of an inspired and aroused firing squad. Decked out in his leather gear, this stud knows how to take his capitol punishment like a man! -Flexing his own big guns in his dinal moments!

Giovanni Volta with Friend

Wow. The ultimate turn on. I definitely would want to come between these two. Right in between, one on either side. I love the huge rock hard muscles and those incredible pits to sink my face in to! And yeah, it would be awesome having him towering over me making me feel like a boy to his man!