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Jan 19, 2009

Fidel Milagros - Powermen Hot Young Bodybuilder Male Model

Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros

Fidel Milagros

Everyone loves an eager young Muscle Puppy. Hell, even the butchest of the so-called Straights - um - are said to admire baby beef, particularly when it's packaged with enough testosterone to light Las Vegas at night. Meet Fidel Milagros, just 19 years old, a happy young bodybuilder who needs to take care of business at least three times a day, or he'd explode! Girls, boys, men, women - anywhere and with anybody he can express himself with gusto! So when got their cameras cranking, Fidel was hot to get his own crank cranking too - and his explosion was all we could have wished for! After all - he'd only shot twice so far that day, so he still had plenty of juice flowing inside his hot young the way...We were going to ask him to take his finger out of his mouth a few times during the shoot, but he just looked so adorable: you know there's nothing quite like an infantile hot young piece of prime beefcake! For you fans of teen muscle out there, Fidel's a wet dream cum to life.

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Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros

Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros

Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros Muscle hunk powermen Fidel Milagros

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Muscle hunk powermen Alex Silva

Alex Silva

Miami fitness trainer Alex Silva is visiting the islands where he grew up. It takes him a few days to get back into that island rhythm....but when he's as if he never left home. This titan bodybuilder is very sexy when he lay down in bed with his white underwear, no words, but just like he said “Please come to me”…Yes he's one of the most men in underwear of my dream.

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Muscle hunk powermen Guilherme Lingua

Guilherme Lingua

More muscle gym jo fantasy! Tough, quiet middleweight competitor (Guilherme Lingua or his name in competitive bodybuilding is Marcio Da Silva Lima got 3rd Place, 80 kg. - In 4th Pumping Iron Cup 2008) Guilherme Lingua is working out late after closing time, and soon he's distracted by thoughts of buddy Hernando Guitterez. Hernando and Guilherme pose together, take to the streets together, and even have tried out a little capoeira together. Guilherme also posed for powermen about a year back, and they caught some nice shots of the hard-butted man - but he was yet a little shy about baring it all. No longer! Guilherme is happy to let us see the power beneath his package in 11 all-new clips!

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Muscle hunk powermen Gustavo Levu

Gustavo Levu

Gustavo Levu is an aspiring footballer. On the advice of his coach, our lean muscle pup Gustavo, catches a little "R 'n' R" before the start of the season. Glad to get away from the annoying screaming of groupies and demanding fans, Gustavo books himself a ticket to the island of Muscle Eden. A secluded island retreat where muscle man from all over the world come to play. Relax. and let loose surrounded by the beauty of nature.

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