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Jan 2, 2009

Arpad Miklos - Hungarian Muscle Hunk

Arpad Miklos - Masculine and Handsome Famous Porn Actor

Arpad Miklos is a very famous porn actor. I am sure you know him. He got his start working for Kristen Bjorn in movies such as "Comrades in Arms" and "Vampires of Budapest." He is originally from Hungary, but now lives in NYC. The first thing you notice (which you might not be able to see on film) is just how big muscle he is. He is a big hairy muscle stud. He towers over you,

and his massive arms and shoulders are amazing. Arpad Mikos is a great guy personally. If you ever get the chance to meet him you will be impressed not only by his physicality, but also by his quick wit and sense of humor. This guy is smoking hot and has a great body, and a great tool too.

There is no more muscle men in porn today that is better looking. I'm happy to hear that he is also a nice guy. I like him not only because he's sucha hot guy but because it turns out he's a really nice, sensitive and caring person, recently read his break-up blog, he was devastated when his bf who he loved very much dumped him (can you imagine dumping such a hot stud???) He is like all my favorite things rolled into one being! Masculine and handsome, not at all pretty. Kind of big without being unbelievable and the most gorgeous uncut cock in the world!

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