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Jan 1, 2013

5 Tips For After a Workout

Tips For After a Workout

Your work doesn't end when you finish working out. If you want to get the maximum benefit from exercise, you'll need to cool down, stretch, and eat and drink properly to help your muscular mend, grow stronger and become more flexible. Post-workout routines also help you reduce the stiffness and soreness that come from exercise. Adding a few basic routines to create a post-exercise regimen will help you feel better and achieve more. Cool Down [1] - After you finish riding, rowing, dancing, lifting or any other type of exercise, you'll have excess blood, lactic acid and other chemicals in your muscIes that, if left as-is, cause DOMS, or the delayed onset of muscle soreness.


Stretch [2] A good stretch helps further remove waste products from your muscIes, prevents muscles from quickly stiffening and helps them become more flexible for future workouts. Stretch to the end of your range of comfortable motion, then hold for 20 to 30 seconds. Try a Massage [3] A good sports massage further removes excess blood and waste from your muscIes, helps improve circulation and helps prevents DOMS.

Drink [4] Drinking provides three benefits for athletes or exercisers: hydration, nutrient replenishment and body temperature regulation. If you don't have a sports drink, water is still a helpful post-workout drink because it will replace the water you lost through respiration and sweating. 

Eat [5] If you're bodybuilding, eat lean protein after a workout to get the amino acids that help with muscIe repair and regeneration. Add complex carbohydrates a bit later. For most other workouts, replace the glycogen you've burned with complex carbohydrates within one hour of exercising for the best results.

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