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Dec 12, 2012

Youtube Videos Set of - Muscle Flex and Worship

Youtube Videos Set of - Muscle Flex and Worship

These guys have incredible pecks, I like the way they adjusts the underwear, the unselfconscious basket rub and resulting plop down / wobble. Another great detail , the to-the-side alignment of tool. Dudes!! That what you have there, is my goal! That is DAMN FREAKEN beautiful! The hottest chest by far! Well done! Truly amazing. Just one suggestion. Stop the left and right twists unless you want to sit on my lap. There's more to a man than this upper torso. Even a mannequin has a head and a pair of legs.

Muscle Worship by MuscleCam1

MuscIe Worship by MuscIeCam1

If you like what you see check out his 14 minutes fullVersion ! The light is perfect because you can see every fine vein and muscular body details - i love that ! The full version is in Full HD quality and better than at youtube ! Biceps 53,5 cm / 21 inch, Legs 80 cm, Forearms 41 cm, Chest 140 cm, @ 112,2 kg, SKYPE: kirschgeschmack666

Bodybuilding Mr Olympia 2001

Bodybuilding Mr Olympia 2001

Kevin Levrone, Coleman, Ronnie and Jay ... They are looked really ripped. Ronnie and Jay were on a different level to Kevin in 2001. Yes we all have out favorites but that's not how shows are judged. Levrone is so perfect, that's why is Kevin such a badass? Flawless physique, and such a nice personality.

Muscle Exploseion Pumping Iron and Veins

MuscIe Exploseion Pumping Iron and Veins

STUNNING.....Totally motivating! (and hot). You are one very incredible man. Handsome, body of the gods, and blue eyes beyong belief. It's just an extreme muscular development of his chest that causes that bit of separation you see. Chizzad Chizzad

The second half of the first chest workout video. Be sure to contact us if you would be interested in being featured in some videos similar to this and on the upcoming website. Mmm, Buddy, made me nut hard. Like to shoot your next video if you want. Anytime! Anywhere!

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