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Oct 6, 2012

Work Out Inspiration - with Super Muscle Man Lee Priest

Inspiration Fitness with Super Muscle Man Lee Priest

I really do respect this guy hard working and training, I love this video of lee priest. I've always said that Lee Priest could easily beat-out guys like Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Branch Warren, etc. It's a shame he doesn't compete in the Olympia anymore, because he could probably win it all. The only other person I've ever thought could beat Priest would be either Kevin Levrone or Dorian Yates, and yes, that means I believe he could beat-out Ronnie Coleman; hell, I'm amazed he went as long as he did with that catastrophe he called a "waist"? In his earlier years, top notch. If you was looking everywhere for the best way to put on huge muscles mass, maybe this video clip will inspire you.

Inspiration Fitness with Super Muscle Man Lee Priest

Lee Andrew Priest McCutcheon, known as "The Blond Myth" was an IFBB professional bodybuilder. Lee Priest was raised together with his two-year old sister by their mother, who is also into bodybuilding in Wallsend, Newcastle, NSW, Australia. He got into bodybuilding at a very young age, and has been weight-training since 13 years old. Lee Priest's mother was also a famous bodybuilding competitor and appeared with Lee on stage posing together once. He has gained immense popularity and respect in the bodybuilding world because of his down-to-earth manners. At 5 feet 4 inches, Lee Priest is one of the shortest professional bodybuilders who has made a mark for himself in this profession.

When not competing, he weighs as much as 285 pounds, but normally cuts down to 220 to 225 pounds in competition season. In September 2006, Lee Priest was suspended from the IFBB since he competed in a rival organisation. However, he was reinstated back in the IFBB in June 2008 and given a chance to qualify again for the 2008 Mr. Olympia. But due to a torn bicep, he did not compete that year. He is one of today's best bodybuilders, who doesn't believe in giving up! Lee Priest's bodybuilding is an inspiration for many young and aspiring bodybuilders.

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