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Jul 24, 2012

Work Out Inspiration - Bar Brothers Workout, Go Hard or Go Home!

Work Out Inspiration - Bar Brothers Workout

Bar Brothers is a Calisthenic workout team that performs creative body weight exercises to obtain strength! These types of workouts are efficient, fun, and the cheapest way to get a great body! Our goal is to inspire you to get in shape and motivate you to reach your goals! Represent Bar Brothers in your region by posting a video on youtube of you performing our requirements! "7 muscle ups, 25 dips, 10 wide pullups, 25 pushups, 10 leg lifts, and 7 muscle ups in 5min or less!" .... Stuff from the bar brothers motivates me so much when im in the gym and i finish a set i keep saying in my mind "bar brothers" when im home and doing something trainfull ill say it to just after i finished "bar brothers" it's insane keep up bar brothers! Thanks guys.

Work Out Inspiration - Bar Brothers Workout

I'm gonna start working out like you guys. Go hard or go home! that's good idea. Great vid guys proves you do not need to lift weights to achieve great strengths...The strongmen of the past trained calisthenics and they had freakish strength props to you guys.

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